DTE Malta | About Us
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About Us


DTE Ltd was incorporated with aim of delivering a maintenance and handyman service to a market that was obviously lacking serious and professional delivery in the sector.

Since then we have strived to build a team of highly skilled individuals capable of meeting the most complex challenges that this industry offers. We have focused on recruiting and retaining skillsets across a number of disciplines through which we can provide our clients with a one-stop-shop giving a professional service, covering all their needs in today’s hectic and fast life-style.

Whilst providing peace of mind and comfort to our domestic clientele, we have structured our admin with the aim of providing our corporate clients with the highest level of commercial and technical traceability and workflow.

Our capabilities have been carefully curated to provide installation services from conceptual design to final finishes. We have networked strongly both locally and internationally, making us nimble and efficient in cases where we need to punch above our weight.


All your work will be approached in a professional manner.

• We are always a phone call away when you need us.
• We commit to give the best possible service to any client, be they new or returning customers.
• We will invest strongly in our relationship with stakeholders.
• We assure the highest level of confidentiality.
• We always prioritise the client’s needs as top tier.
• We always approach all projects with our client’s and their stakeholders’
safety and security in mind.
• We will be aware of pre-allocated budgets and we shall strive to keep within these parameters. In the case of unforseen circumstances forbidding this, we shall keep the client in the loop and in the decision making seat at all times.
• The Health and Safety of our team and all stakeholders is non-negotiable