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Our Services
+356 99995034    Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm

See What We Have To Offer

We specialise in property maintenance, which includes preventive maintenance on Electrical and Mechanical, Electricity Low Voltage (ELV) installations and other services.

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Morbi We specialise in complete installations on large or small scales of electrical and lighting systems.
We service all stages, from design, first, second and third fixes.
We excel at servicing older electrical installations, where we aim to resolve faults and identify a solution.
Our in-house expertise helps us achieve our main goal, that, to supply and install any system within the pre-allocated budget for each and every project.
Quality, efficiency and health and safety are always our priority.
Individual effort is always encouraged within the company, in order to keep up with the demands and customizations requested from our customers. 

Air Condition

We start from the design in order to compile the most cost effective solution for our customers.
Installations of air conditioning systems are in most cases the first part of any project that meets the eye, therefore we thrive to present a fawless installation.
Having more than one technology for heating and cooling solutions we can meet the demands of any project.

ELV - Electrical Low Voltage

We offer the design and installation of ELV systems such as CCTV, access control, fire detection and intruder alarms.
We collaborate with leading manufacturers to supply, install and also help manage such systems by offering the adequate training to the people using and administrating the systems.
Should any problems arise, we are always available to solve any issues at short notice.

After Sales

Our commitment does not stop at the sale. We offer the best service to our customers even after the expiry of your guarantee.
To ensure the optimal running of installations, we provide preventive maintenance schedules, tailored to your specific requirements.


We can offer peace of mind when it comes to plumbing installations, no matter how large or small a project is.
Plumbing is a meticulous skilled job. Whatever the installation or repair on High Low pressure, PPR or Drainage systems, we guarantee the works are carried out to the highest standards, by our dedicated team.